Yeshe-Dava phenomenon studied by French scientists

Secret mind powers were used for the past many decades, but they kept hidden from ordinary people. But in the past some years, the topic got viral with the help of the internet and books. Some people think brainpower and mind power as the same, but these two are totally different entities. Brain power is all about breathing, eating, listening, and working, etc. But mind power is different; it’s all about higher thinking.

Mind power is a very interesting subject for science. The placebo effect is example of subconscious mind power. In medication doctors give the patient a tablet, this tablet contains nothing than sugar. But because of Subconscious Mind Power patient gets well, because the patient doesn’t know that that tablet contains nothing than sugar, but he gets a powerful belief that tablets will affect his body system, and he will get well soon. This phenomenon totally connects with subconscious mind power.

The study of Yeshe-Dava phenomenon

The famous Tibetan healer and clairvoyant Yeshe-Dava became the object of large-scale research by French scientists. This medium was chosen by scientists for a reason: hundreds of people claim that he really has the gift of healing diseases and predicting the future. French scientists were interested in metabolic processes in the cerebral cortex of a person with supernormal abilities.

The experiment involved a 15-year-old boy with lung cancer. The psychic was supposed to work on the boy’s biofield for 15 consecutive days. The experiment was monitored by a group of 12 scientists. Sensors were connected to the medium’s brain, fixing all brain processes during the healing effect. Scientists suggested some relief for the patient’s health after a two-week experiment, but the results were stunning: no cancer cells were found in the boy’s blood. Tests showed a complete cure for cancer.

An interesting fact: the highest peaks of the electrical activity of the pulse exchange between neurons of the cortex of the Yeshe-Dava hemispheres were recorded before the patient was exposed, but not during treatment.

The results of the study showed some deviations from the norm in the work of the Yeshe cortex. A significant increase in intracranial pressure was recorded after the end of the therapeutic effect on the invited patient. The same effect was observed when the healer entered the trance state before the start of each experiment. Elevated protein content was recorded in the cerebrospinal fluid of Yeshe-Dava’s brain without any pathologies of brain activity. Such strange experimental results puzzled scientists, their opinions were opposite.

A preliminary conclusion was made that the gift of healing or clairvoyance does not depend on the morphological or physical characteristics of a person.

This study once again proved that a person with a special gift is able to cure many serious diseases, including those with a chronic course, without even touching the patient’s body. When practicing treatment with the biofields, the healer is able to determine the patient’s biofield and correct it without committing any physical impact. The healer seems to scan the body with the help of hands, identifying problem areas. After the diagnosis, the healing session itself begins. The doctor’s bioenergy corrects the patient’s biofield, which leads to the restoration of fine energy structures at the energy level, and to the normalization of biological processes in the body at the physical level. As a result, recovery comes. This is exactly what happened with a fifteen-year-old boy who escaped from a deadly disease thanks to a Tibetan healer.

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