8 amazing facts about your hair

If you are one of those millions who comb your hair in the morning and become increasingly dismayed with what you see; more and more hair in the sink, less and less in where it supposed to be and want your hair back. 

Millions of people – men and women have spent billions to battle hair loss. While some methods of getting thicker and fuller hair work others did not. Perhaps you simply do not know some important facts about hair. Learn about it, and you will return the health and beauty of your hair.

1. Cigarette smoke may cause hair and scalp itching.

The content of chemical residue from cigarette smoke, which accumulates into one with perspiration and sebum on the scalp is a pollutant that can induce itching.

2. Binding and pinning the hair every day may lead to baldness and migraine.

Binding and pinning excessive hair may cause strain on the hair and scalp. Thus, strands of hair will be easier fragile. Hair ties are too tight and within a period of time allows the onset of pain in the head. If continued, this pain could be a migraine.

3. The content of chlorine in the pool may make damaged scalp and hair color fading.

The content of chlorine is eroding the natural moisture of the scalp. Thus, the scalp will dry faster and the hair looks duller lusterless. When swimming regularly exercise, you should use a moisturizing shampoo and make sure the intake of nutrients in your food enough. Expand to consume fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fruits are rich in antioxidants, and vitamin B.

4. Scalp baldness is hereditary.

The main causes of baldness in men and women are genetic factors. If in the family of the father or mother there who has a history of baldness, then you could potentially inherit the gene.

5. Lemon juice may make shiny hair and scalp clean glow.

The acid in the lemon juice could make hair look shiny. But be careful, if the sensitive scalp. Therefore, the pH of lemon juice is very low compared to the natural pH of the scalp. 

6. Hair is found in all areas of skin except for few areas such as the palm of hands, the soles of feet and lips. 

It has biological and psychological functions, though seldom appreciated. The hair you see on the skin is actually dead. The living portion is the follicle which lies embedded in the dermis.  

7. The follicles go through 2 main stages:

Anagen – the growth stage during which hair bulbs produce new cells and cause hair to increase in length at the rate of about half an inch per month.  The duration of anagen is about 2-5 years and it varies from one person to another.  It also varies according to the area of skin.  Eyebrows, for example, have a short anagen stage of 3 months.  

Telogen – Resting stage of hair growth.  This lasts for about 2-5 months.  Hair stops growing and is shed at the end of this stage.  

8. Frequent shampooing help to reduce surface sebum. 

Fatty matter secreted by glands under the scalp which contains a high level of testosterone and DHT that affect follicles and may increase hair loss.

Shampoos are cleaning agents like ordinary soaps.  But unlike soaps, shampoos contain synthetic detergents and do not react with hard water to produce scum deposits that may make hair look dull.

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