Darwin awards – Top stupid deaths

Read below a collection of winners/nominates for the Darwin awards, an award given to persons who died in an incredibly stupid way. We will not look at terrifying deaths, but only the funniest ones in this article.

7. You won’t run away from death

The funeral of the Romanian resident Anna Bochinski was held. But she was not dead at that moment. Suddenly, the girl woke up, opened the lid of her coffin and tried to escape. While relatives and friends tried to understand what had happened, the girl disappeared around the corner of the building, but there she was waiting for a fatal failure. A car rushing at high speed brought down a resurrected one. Anna’s body was picked up and again plunged into the coffin. The funeral ceremony continued.

6. Deadly laughter

Everyone knows that laughter prolongs life. So, this has nothing to do with our character. Back in 1975, a man laughed so sincerely while watching his favorite series that he died of a heart attack right in front of the TV screen. You will be even more surprised when you learn that shortly after the death of a man, his widowed wife wrote a long letter of gratitude to the actors and series director for the fact that the last minutes of her husband were filled with joy and laughter!

Oh yes, thanks for a happy death!

5. Fragile windows

A 39 years old notary died after falling from the 24th floor of the Bank Tower in Toronto, after demonstrating to his students how solid the windows are by ramming into them. Well they were not, he fell through them, down the 24 floors.

Please do not check your windows for durability in such an absurd way!

4. Explosive fun

A man and his wife rode along the night highway at two in the morning. They were bored, and they decided to have fun in a rather strange way. Stiller family decided to throw a stick of dynamite out of the window. Well, apparently they forgot to open the window first.

Please sing along the way or tell jokes. Do not throw explosive devices!

3. Unlucky car keys

41-year-old Detroit resident drowned in 20 inches of water, after sticking his head in the sewers and getting stuck while looking for his car keys. 

Yes, we understand that losing keys are a big problem. But remember that you have ears, and your head is not rubber. Call 911, do not dive into the sewers by yourself!

2. Too trained dog

A man died after throwing a stick of dynamite on a frozen lake, but his well-trained dog ran to catch it and brought it back to him. Both died in the explosion (poor dog).

Fishing in safer methods – take pity on your pets!

And now a favorite: the worst choice

A wanna-be robber decided to attack a gun shop specialized in handguns. The store was full of shoppers, and a police car parked near the store. Do you think this confused the unfortunate burglar? Gun shop as a target? Police car in front? No, this fact did not force him to change his ridiculous plans.

He entered the shop, shot a few shots in the air and announced a hold-up.

The owner of the store quickly orientated and opened fire on the robber. The police joined him. Five store customers also did not hesitate to take off their own pistols.

The doctors who arrived later noted the instant death of the criminal. On his body, 23 bullet holes from 7 types of weapons were found.

No one else got hurt.

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