12 interesting facts about kissing

Here are 12 interesting facts about kissing that might previously you have not to know.

1. Moist lips – if your lips are moist, it becomes easier to move your lips over your partner’s lips and give both of you a great experience while kissing. It is better not to use gloss as it can make the kiss a little sticky. 

2. Wearing a lot of lipstick is not good before kissing as the taste of lipstick can make kissing a less pleasant experience. However, some lipstick tastes good, and they can be used before kissing.

3. Eyes – there is a myth that when there is love in the girl’s heart, she closes her eyes. However, some people prefer to keep their eyes open while kissing. But if you are not aware of your partner’s preference, close your eyes.

4. Be relaxed even if you are going to kiss your partner for the first time. Tension can get transmitted to your partner from you as the heat does. You need to be confident and portray a sexy and caring image of yourself. You need to get lost at the moment and transmit the passion of love and desire to your partner.

5. It turns out that a kiss helps to normalize acidity in the oral cavity. So if you give each other a kiss after lunch or dinner, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

6. A passionate kiss makes the heart beat faster, accelerating the pulse to 100 or more contractions per minute. This is a great workout for the heart.

7. The “French” kiss is called the best remedy for aging. This is a great gymnastics for the face, involving several tens of muscles. Thanks to this “exercises”, the skin tone increases and small wrinkles are smoothed out.

8. Stimulation of nerves during a kiss has a beneficial effect on the production of hormones. It improves the activity of the pancreas and adrenal glands.

9. A good kisser can take away the breath of his partner any time he wishes, as he knows french kissing techniques. This is an art which is liked by all the women and every one of us desires a partner with a good kissing skill.

10. A good kisser can not be trained, but this is something that you feel from the core of your heart.

11. Kiss is an expression of love and which gives pure pleasure to both the receiver and the giver. When a right kiss is given at the right time it will sure make the relationship more strong and will also help to keep the passion burning.

12. 278 species of bacteria are transmitted from person to person during kisses. 95% of them are harmless. When comparing french kissing which involves using the tongue to kiss, to simple lip kissing, french kissing is far riskier. French kissing is riskier because it involves a larger amount of saliva being passed from one person to another. The more saliva passed increases the risk of transferring illnesses. As for lip kissing there is little saliva passed so it is unlikely to catch an illness, however, it can still happen, the chances are just remotely less.

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