7 best & safest countries to give birth in the world

It probably comes as no surprise that three of the 7 best countries in the world to give birth to are Scandinavian. Their liberal attitudes and focus on equality give expectant mothers free, top-notch care at every stage of pregnancy. After all, every child deserves an equal start in life, no matter his or her background.


Low infant mortality rates are just one reason why Finland is considered one of the best places to give birth in the world. Since the 1930s new Finnish parents have been taking their newborns home in a designer cardboard box with a mattress, a blanket, a snowsuit, socks, mittens, bodysuits, romper suits and a lot more – a gift from the government that aims to give every Finnish child an equal start in life.


Sweden is regarded as the safest place in the world to give birth. 99 percent of women there give birth in the safe surrounds of Sweden’s state-of-the-art hospitals and 100 percent of children born in the country are delivered by highly trained, highly skilled midwives. The Swedes also understand that childbirth is only one part of childbearing. Even before a child is born, the government provides free antenatal care and gives women the legal right to take time off work to attend to it.


In some countries, it costs money to have a child and a new family can potentially start life deep in debt. In Norway, however, giving birth costs nothing. In addition, working mothers receive one year of paid maternity leave and monthly child support until the child turns 18.


Expectant mothers in Iceland get free prenatal care, up to 10 medical examinations after the twelfth week, and the option of ultrasound after 20 weeks. After birth, a nurse will visit the mother and child at home a few times a week for six weeks.


Most countries with world-class healthcare actively encourage expectant mothers to give birth in a hospital, but in the Netherlands, 60 percent of mothers prefer natural births at home. How do they allow this and still keep up their excellent standards of healthcare? They prepare expectant mothers with a range of courses and workshops, including learning mindfulness skills in order to cope with the pain of labor.


If your baby is born in Brazil, then he automatically becomes a Brazilian citizen. A Brazilian passport is an excellent reason to travel around the world seamlessly in the future.

Parents of a child can reside in Brazil officially. You are entitled to Brazilian citizenship for life if you have lived in this country for more than one year.


Each newborn child in Australia receives a reward of about 3,000 US dollars or rather (this amount is received by parents, of course). At the birth of twins, this amount is paid to parents annually until the 16th birthday of the children.

There are various family tax benefits that help families offset the costs of children of all ages. The reimbursement program for care allows covering half the cost of the approved list of services necessary for the child (educational, medical, etc.).

In addition, Australia pays childcare benefits to cover the cost of kindergartens or a paid nanny.

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